Many people have either a head for business or an artistic sensibility. Tavia Gilbert’s gift is that she has both; she’s a multifaceted, multitalented expert in communication. Her voice is her instrument and she imbues it with wit and warmth, passion, professionalism and the emotions necessary to carry the message. Her compelling presence and impeccable characterization are ideal for narration or corporate and professional voiceover work, as well as acting and singing. At the same time, Tavia has extensive experience in business and production. While Tavia excels at helping clients with creative interpretation, she also sees the big picture business side of the project, and she knows how to maximize time and tools with efficiency and profit in mind.

If you’re looking for a voice, you have found it in Tavia Gilbert. You have also found a Visionary, a Producer, a Casting Director, and a Talent Coordinator. Meet Tavia. Listen to her work. Contact her to learn why she should speak and work for you.