Afterparty by Daryl Gregory (Audible)

Afterparty is set in a believable and recognizable possible future world were anyone can print drugs from their PC. But the really good drugs can still create empires. A group of scientists get together to create a remarkable new drug, with unforeseen side effects. What if after overdosing on this new drug, you now have your personal God living in your head with you, except you think it is real? We are then taken on a psychedelic and psychotic road trip across the continent, full of flashbacks and and things I just wasn’t sure about. There were time that I had no idea what was happening, thinking that some one in the office spiked the coffee. There were time were I had to stop listening to get solid footing in reality. There were times I was on the edge of my seat with my heart pounding. You need to listen to Afterparty if you want a truly original science fiction thrill ride. This was my first time with Tavia Gilbert and boy am I sad about that. I mean HOLY CRAP! She did not miss a beat anywhere. I can only imagine how difficult it is to have a plethora of insane characters and be able to keep them all straight, and deliver them with perfection. I credit at least half of the success of Afterparty to her spectacular performance. I will be looking for more of her exceptional performances.

Sadly, I don’t listen to enough Tavia Gilbert. This is only the third time I have had the privilege to listen to her narrate a book, and it was definitely my favorite. How often does a narrator get to take on religious schizophrenics, delusional deities and bizarre cowboys? For some this may be daunting, but for Tavia Gilbert it came off as great fun. She deftly guided us through an strangely familiar world, while giving the intricately laced dialogue an organic feel. Gilbert never gave anything away, just allowed you to discover the various psychosis of the characters as well as their foibles and secret intentions in a manner worthy of the text. It’s a performance that is both nuanced and just a little bit goofy, and simply fun to listen to. Guilded Earlobe