The Appetites of Girls by Pam Moses (Penguin Random House)

This familiar plot–women who were close in college meet again years later–is updated by turning a lens on the influences of food, body image, men, and mothers on a generation of women. Heather Corrigan’s self-doubting tone works well for the character of binge-eater Ruth, whose mother consumes all her daughter’s creativity and independence. Tavia Gilbert’s tone and attitude completely capture Francesca, who compulsively overeats to gain her indifferent mother’s attention–even if it’s negative. Sandy Rustin brings a wispy truth to Setsu, who goes out of her way to please and pacify her brother. And as Opal, Suzy Jackson makes the girl’s worship of her beautiful mother and the shattering trauma that takes place truly credible. Pamela Moses’s engaging debut should definitely be savored in audio. AudioFile