A Bigamist’s Daughter by Alice McDermott (Macmillan)

Literary Fiction

As an editor at a vanity press, Elizabeth Connelly has mastered the art of selling dreams and maintaining distance from her authors—until the attractive Tupper Daniels walks in with his novel about bigamy. Elizabeth finds herself drawn to both Tucker and his book, which reminds her of her father, who may have been a bigamist himself. Tavia Gilbert vividly narrates Elizabeth’s quest for understanding of her past and her present. She longs to understand both her oft-absent and now departed father and the past love she cannot forget. Gilbert conveys Elizabeth’s long-hidden pain and highlights McDermott’s message about relationships between men and women. AudioFile

Tavia Gilbert does a wonderful job narrating Elizabeth’s somewhat neurotic train of thought. A Bigamist’s Daughter often switches between present and past, and Gilbert generally keeps the listener following where McDermott is going. Gilbert also helps nurture the reader’s empathy for Elizabeth, she might have been more difficult to relate to in print without the sympathetic narration. Devourer of Books