Blackbird House by Alice Hoffman (Blackstone)

This full-cast recording is the perfect production for Alice Hoffman’s linked stories of life on a two-hundred-year-old Cape Cod farm. The stories farthest removed from us in time are the most magical in genre, though in almost all, blood red pears, red shoes, and/or a white blackbird make an appearance. Hoffman leans heavily on repetition of these tropes and on certain emotionally freighted words like joy and sorrow; how effective you find this will depend more on your taste for magical realism than on the performances here, all but one of which are excellent. Just one voice in the series overemphasizes the already plenty emphatic mystical/magical tone. Hoffman fans should be delighted. AudioFile

The cast of narrators performing the stories of Blackbird House is perfection.  Each actor fits each story.  They bring so much personality to Blackbird House.  I can close my eyes and picture it.  They don’t just embellish, they enhance all the nuances in each character lending a part of themselves to complete the whole.  The setting, the mood, the feel is all magical.  It’s huge.  Each narrative grows from the last.  This would be an amazing Broadway Production.  I would highly recommend this audiobook for its magical realism and beauty.  It’s Unforgettable. Sixth Dimension Blog