The Dirty Life by Kristin Kimball (Tantor)

2012 Audie Finalist for Memoir

The Dirty Life book coverKristen Kimball makes it clear that a family farm, especially an unsubsidized organic one in a northern climate, is unending hard work. And yet, this is a love story—a double romance of Kimball meeting her husband, Mark, and learning to be a farmer. Tavia Gilbert’s performance raises the memoir a notch. She translates Kimball’s wonder at the path of her life, which took her from Manhattan, where she was a journalist with designer clothes and a disdain for physical work, to upstate New York, where she embraced the life of a farmer, wife, cook, and horse driver—a meaningful life with muscles. In addition, Gilbert’s enthusiastic delivery, impeccable timing, and lovely voice make the author completely relatable even though you will have no interest in becoming a small farmer when you’ve finished listening—although you may want a small garden. AudioFile 2011