Embrace the Grim Reaper by Judy Clemens (Blackstone)

Casey Maldonado, who is filled with despair following a fatal accident that took the lives of her husband and infant son, finds herself aimlessly traveling, accompanied by the grim reaper (Death). She ends up in Ohio, where she tries to help the boyfriend of a young woman find out if the woman’s death was murder or suicide. Aided by Death and some local residents, Casey finds out the truth even as she is being pursued by executives from the company that paid her accident settlement. Gilbert gives Casey just the right note of pluck despite her vulnerability. Death sounds haughty, and the dead woman’s boyfriend is thoughtful and comfortable. Minor players are voiced distinctly, and the story moves at a pleasant pace. Filled with quirky characters (including the sympathetic Casey) and small-town charm, this will be popular with the cozy crowd. Booklist