Flowers for Her Grave by Judy Clemens (Blackstone)

Casey Maldonado is on the run in this latest title in the popular Grim Reaper series, in which the Grim Reaper (Death) is Casey’s entertaining companion. Searching for a new life following the tragic death of her husband and baby, Casey (using the alias of Daisy Gray) works as a fitness instructor in a posh Florida condo community. Her first day is marred by the discovery of a dead body in the locker room. Although police quickly clear Casey, she feels the need to find the guilty party. Gilbert keeps Casey sounding fresh and vulnerable despite her complicated circumstances. The southern Florida landscape gives Gilbert plenty of opportunities to voice Hispanic accents, elderly tones, and snippy comments. She has great fun portraying Death, with the character’s haughty tones moving from piqued and wry to almost fondness as Death and Casey investigate the murder. Booklist