Grey Expectations by Clea Simon (Dreamscape)

In the fourth Dulcie Schwartz mystery, the gothic studies graduate student has a lot on her plate: possible identity theft, murder accusations, a haunted manuscript, and pressure from her advisor to complete her dissertation. Tavia Gilbert navigates the ups and downs of Dulcie’s life with a bright, upbeat tone that highlights Dulcie’s resiliency and a changing pace and tone that draw out the drama in the mystery. Gilbert also lends credibility to the more supernatural aspects of the story, including Dulcie’s ghost cat, Mr. Grey. The biggest treat in the narration is the mesmerizing British accent that Gilbert employs when delivering the passages related to Dulcie’s dreams—which take on all the drama of the gothic novels Dulcie studies. AudioFile

“Just had the thrill of hearing that Tavia will be voicing another of my characters – the third series that she has read for the audiobook. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. No matter what the voice or who the character, Tavia Gilbert gets it.”
Clea Simon