The Perfect Christmas by Debbie Maycomber (Brilliance)

Cassie, 33 with a loudly ticking biological clock, knows exactly what she wants for Christmas: the perfect husband, with whom she’ll produce the perfect family. Not easy to come by, and so far, nothing has worked. But super-selling Debbie Macomber is here and rescue may just be on the way. In The Perfect Christmas, performed in engaging 30-something-ese by Tavia Gilbert, Macomber does what she does best and treats us to a warm-hearted Christmas romance. When Cassie’s best girlfriend suggests consulting a professional matchmaker, she balks. But then, in nothing-ventured-nothing-gained mode, Cassie goes to see Simon Beaumont, who, if he takes you on, assures a match. Simon sets out three holiday-themed tasks for his new client, promising her the prize when they’re completed. Don’t worry—a happy ending is guaranteed. BookPage