Speak of the Devil by Allison Leotta (Simon & Schuster)

Sound Commentary Starred Review

Anna Curtis, who works as an Assistant US Attorney in DC, is newly engaged to Jack, a federal prosecutor. She is looking forward to moving in with Jack and his young daughter Olivia.  The evening they become engaged, Anna’s investigators raid a brothel suspected of human trafficking at the same time that a ruthless man (known as Diablo, or the devil) and his underlings are present.  The resulting melee leaves vicitims on both sides.  As Anna works through the fallout of the raid, and her people desperately try to capture Diablo before more killings, Anna finds that echos of Jack’s past—and his former wife—will surface in totally unexpected ways.  Tavia Gilbert ‘s narration is on point; genders, ethnicities, and ages are all portrayed effectively.  Anna’s emotions, as she faces ups and downs in her relationship with Jack, are realistically portrayed.  The viciousness of Diablo and the desperation of his victims are on point.  The listener will find this an engrossing and entertaining thriller. Sound Commentary