Visible City by Tova Mirvis (Dreamscape)

Three couples live near to each other in Manhatten, joined only by windows that can look into each other’s lives. Nina and Jeremy are both lawyers. Jeremy is a real estate lawyer who is gradually losing interest in his work, looking for something else to find meaning in his own life. Nina is the mother of two young children who has left the law to take care of her kids. She is bored with amusing them all day and finds it hard to connect with the other overachieving mothers. One evening while waiting from Jeremy to come home from another late night at the office, she sees an older couple across the way, talking and seemingly content. In another window, she sees a young couple making love.

Over the course of novel, these three vignettes merge. Nina meets first Leon, then Claudia of the older couple and their daughter, Emma, who is discontent with her student life and her writer husband. Jeremy finally breaks free of his professional life, risking leaving Nina behind. Much of the story revolves around a missing stained glass window, perhaps representing the fractured nature of the scene these three couples convey which is never completely revealed.

Narrator Tavia Gilbert has the confident young voice that seems to fit Nina the best and, as Nina is the pivotal character, it seems very fitting.  Sound Commentary