Wraith: Hawaiian Shadows by Edie Claire (Edie Claire)

In this impressive performance, narrator Tavia Gilbert showcases her ability to transcend not on only genres, but also the character’s age. In a well suited voice for a seventeen year-old, Tavia Gilbert brings Kali’s character to life in a very authentic way, realistically conveying her bubbly, sweet and determined personality.

I loved her interpretation of Zane! I’m very demanding when it comes to male voices portrayed by female narrators, but Kudos to Ms. Gilbert! If I didn’t know this was a solo narration I could have sworn the contrary. Her male voice is not only realistic, effortless and credible, but her tone is right on target to deliver a super enjoyable performance of Zane’s character. She also does a terrific job with every single character in the book, all females and males alike.

Her approach, pace, emotions, and overall tone of this story are flawless. With competent ease, you are transported to the setting and for the duration of the book Ms. Gilbert takes you Hawaii and lets you experience the characters and their emotions in a very real way.

All in all, this is an excellent performance that paired with the beautifully written words of Edie Claire deliver a fantastic YA listen. HotListens

In reading this delicious supernatural romance, Tavia Gilbert gives an amazing and superb narration of not only the text but the dialog. Her very feminine and gentle voice is so well suited for reading young adult material. Kali is seventeen and Ms. Gilbert does her justice. I was completely carried away with the full bodied way each character was enacted and as each situation was revealed. Even her male characters were superb. Crystal clear and well paced matched with a great story is a double winner. Tavia Gilbert is a truly talented narrator reading anything from this poignant romance or the wonderful animal sounds and older characters of Clea Simons ‘Pru Marlowe Pet Mysteries Listen and be swept away and delighted. Narrator Reviews