Cast Tavia

All of the drama you want with none of the drama you don’t.

This is a woman who can swiftly shift from believable toddlers to authentic teens, seasoned adults to genuine elderly voices and back again.

Tavia’s scenes in dialogue are extraordinarily realistic, her men’s voices believable, and she has an astonishing ability to portray dozens of different characters — at times over a hundred characters in one project!

Exceptional self-directed in a home studio, and brilliant in a recording studio with a director, Tavia is extremely efficient, often producing in three days what most actors do in four (1.5:1 or better ratio in studio).

As a classically trained vocalist, Tavia sings in the acclaimed Choral Society at Grace Church in Manhattan, which gives her the unique ability to sing beautifully when the text calls for it (and it often does, as in her Earphones-winning and Audie nominated performance of Illuminations: A Novel of Hildegard von Bingen).

Whether a title calls for technical expertise, heightened emotional states, tricky dialect or character voices (like Be Frank With Me) or challenging social, political, or emotional content (as in South of Forgiveness), you will be treated to a resonant, authentic, performance.

She is most passionate about literary fiction and literary nonfiction, which she studied in her MFA program, but regardless of genre, with Tavia you get exquisitely performed work delivered on schedule, as error-free and accurate as possible.

Pinch yourself; you’ve just found your dream actress.


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