The Women Who Wrote the War

by Nancy Caldwell Sorel
Published by Audible

From Iwo Jima to the Eastern Front, Normandy to North Africa, The Women Who Wrote the War tells the story of the pioneering female journalists who braved the front lines of World War II and shirked cultural stereotypes regarding women’s toughness and professionalism. Through the eyes of these intrepid women, listeners experience the adrenaline of blood-soaked battlefields and the tragedy of loss. Performer Tavia Gilbert projects remarkable versatility as she unearths the unique personalities and circumstances behind these women’s manifold anecdotes. Gilbert skillfully intimates her subjects’ triumphs, frustrations, sacrifices, and personal relationships as these women of the front are ridiculed, revered, and romanticized by soldierly men, widely of the misguided opinion that war is no place for a woman. Audible Editor Reviews