Watch Me Disappear

by Janelle Brown
Published by Random House
Mystery/Suspense/Thriller, Multi-Cast Production

Narrator Tavia Gilbert’s skill at conveying a range of emotions takes the spotlight in this audiobook about how a father and daughter cope with the disappearance of their dynamic wife/mother. As Jonathan and Olive prepare for the hearing to declare Billie legally dead because a body has never been found, they begin to sort through her belongings and are surprised to discover that she kept many secrets. Gilbert expresses Jonathan’s conflicting feelings of loss and anger and Olive’s distress when she starts to hear her mother’s voice and see her in visions. Gilbert avoids giving away the answers to the mystery of what happened to Billie until it’s appropriate, keeping listeners guessing to the end. A second narrator, Kaleo Griffith, is clear and expressive when delivering the handful of excerpts from Jonathan’s memoir-in-progress. AudioFile Magazine